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Many children with hearing disabilities are unable to get access to hearing aids due to a lack of resources and funding. Find out how you can help and donate today! 

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Who We Are:

Ears On is a non-profit organization geared towards connecting previously used, recycled hearing aids with children (0-18 years in age) in need of a hearing aid via a network of local Columbus providers.


What We Do:

Ears On collects hearing aids not currently in use and getting them into the hands of providers and hearing aid loaner banks. Families can acquire the much-needed hearing aid for their child without having the financial strain or having to make the tough choice of not providing the child with the tool they need.

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Our Vision:

Our vision is to bring all children the resources and tools to be able to hear. No child should go without an affordable and working hearing aid.

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Our Mission:

Ears On is a nonprofit organization that provides refurbished hearing aids to children free of charge via their audiology provider.


Ears On™ is a trademarked brand. The font used for the logo is designed and owned by Matt Ellis. Branding, designs, and illustrations were done by Nicole Cmar.